When you join us, you are joining a group that understands your business and the impact liability insurance can have on your bottom line. We help provide a stable, fairly priced market for commercial auto liability insurance. Our motto, Here Today – Here Tomorrow, indicates that we are committed to your business. We offer you many of the benefits of self-insurance, along with protection against large losses


As a Paratransit Insurance Company member, you handle your own claims, which gives you control over your cost of risk. We provide you with professional support to help you manage those costs most effectively. Paratransit helps you minimize the ups and downs of the insurance market.


We are a Mutual Retention Group

Paratransit is a risk retention group, licensed and admitted in Tennessee. A risk retention group may not be subject to all of the insurance laws and regulations of your state. State insurance insolvency guaranty funds are not available for risk retention groups. Paratransit has invested assets of over $20,000,000. We offer limits of up to $5 million. Paratransit is registered to provide insurance in the following states: AL, AR, CA, CT, GA, IL, IN, IA, KY, MD, ME, MS, MO, NE, NM, NC, OH, OK, OR, PA, SC, TX, UT, VA, WA, TN, and WV. The minimum retained limit is $25,000. Minimum fleet size is 30 units.

If you want control of your insurance costs and a true partner that has your interests in mind, Paratransit is for you. See what our members have to say.



Our Board of Directors

W. Hamilton Smythe, III – Chairman
W. Hamilton Smythe, IV – President
Richard Corey – Vice President
Judy Swystun – Vice President
Steve Abraham – Treasurer
Basil Rudawsky – Secretary
Ellis Houston
Matthew Lammel
Robert McBride
Randy Sackett
Rob Scharar

Members (policy holders) of Paratransit that are past presidents of the TLPA:

(Taxi, Limousine, Paratransit Association)
W. Hamilton Smythe, III
W. Hamilton Smythe, IV
Judy Swystun
Brian McBride
Ellis Houston
Neal Nichols
Martin Zilber
Bill Scalzi